Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Evil or Good?

11 Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God. 3 John 1:11 NIV
Have you ever become so consumed by someone getting away with evil that you actually become what you hate? I have. I once had a co-worker that was being very two-faced with management. She would be evil towards me, treating me terrible and then when management would come around she would be so sickening nice and lie right to their face and they would believe him! It upset me so much. I had been so faithful, hard working and honest yet someone they barely knew came in and lied and they just did not see the truth. It really hurt me that they chose to believe her over me! I threw myself a little pity party...okay the party got bigger and bigger as time went by so I decided it was my place to bring justice. But I was wrong. It was not my place and soon enough I became bitter, hateful and cynical. I started being two-faced; this was not good. Of course I justified my actions by calling it "venting." I would like to say that it only lasted a few days or weeks and I shook it off but it didn't. I failed. I let this situation rob me of my joy for a whole year by fully participating! I took my eyes off of Jesus and started dwelling on my circumstances. I was not being a good witness.
The good news is that when I finally realized that I was giving power to this person, by trying to bring justice instead of releasing the whole situation to Jesus to handle, Jesus was there ready and waiting. I repented and then started fresh. I would like to report that justice and truth did prevail in that situation but it didn't; the real difference was that I was no longer being consumed or held prisoner by the presence of evil. I stopped letting my thought patterns be comsumed with thinking that I was the one who had to bring justice, I had to give it to Jesus to handle. His timing is perfect and I had to trust Him and relinquish control.  When I stepped out of the way, it was not as messy. My job was to do my best and to do what's right!  My job is/was to focus on Jesus! My job is/was to reflect Jesus. It is not my place to make someone, do anything right. He will take care of it better and did take care of it better than I ever could!
What changed? Oh my goodness, God is good! He gave me favor and joy at work! He blessed me in so many ways.  I waited a long time to write about this situation. I needed to be truly delivered out of the situation before I could share. God is good and He has placed me someplace new. I knew when I was doing my devotions this morning and this scripture came up this was what I needed to share.  God really did a make-over on me in that situation and I could take what I learned in that situation forward with me. He is still working in/on me everyday. I realized that there were things in my heart that needed to be changed and it wasn't (or isn't) my responsibility to worry about anyone else, that is God's area of expertise. He is amazing!
If you are in a hard situation right now, and need prayer, please feel free to write me. I would be so glad to pray for you. God is faithful. He may not answer the way you feel that He should but I guarantee you that His way is so much bigger and better than your plan.
God is Ready and Waiting!

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