Monday, November 22, 2010


Today I am amazed by God's goodness. I am blessed beyond measure by a wonderful family, church and friends. I look out my office window and I see beautiful snow. I am not one who loves snow but I can appreciate the beauty of it as it falls gently to the ground. I am blessed with a great job. I am blessed with the opportunity to attend college to further my education.

Thank You Father with all you have blessed us with! Thank You for my salvation and for a relationship with You, the Almighty.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today is voting day for our Nation. Be sure to go and place your vote. Men and women have sacrificed their lives so that we have the freedom to vote. Don't let it be something that you take for granted until that priviledge is gone.

We can never express our gratefulness to those who have given their lives. How can we ever say thank you enough to the ones our soldiers left behind? Thank you to our veterans who have given so very much of their lives so that we can have the right to vote, have the freedom of speech, and the right to own guns. I am sorry there are those who don't fully grasp how wonderful it is to be an American. What an honor to live in our Country where we can speak freely, worship in the church of our choice, own a home, and a bible if we so choose.

Voting Proudly Today,


Monday, November 1, 2010

Western Civilization

I am taking a college course titled, Western Civilization. I like my professor however I have been skeptical on some of her views and teaching capabilities. I have gotten past those obstacles and have enjoyed the class and literature.

It is funny because this class has made me embrace the Word on a different level. My teacher is obviously not a believer so her point of view is much different than my own views. I have learned more about the Greek and Roman cultures. It has helped me because when I read the bible now I see where the culture plays into it. I am excited because even though many have tried to prove the bible to be a work of fiction, historcal accounts confirms it to be true. I loved it when we started studying about the apostle Paul. My history book states that historical accounts verifies that an "event" took place on the road to Damascus that day, which changed the life of Apostle Paul. They are not for sure what exactly did happen, whether it was an accident or what, but one thing that they do know was that it was a life changing experience for this man named Paul.

Now I can hardly wait because we get to choose our topic for a comparative paper. I am choosing to do a comparative on this man named Saul, before "the event" happened, to the "new" man named Paul. I am so excited. My teacher knows nothing or has said nothing about Saul. She has talked about martyrs and Christianity and how they changed Western Civilization. I am so excited to share about this educated, born Roman citizen who persecuted and ordered the deaths of the christians. He was at the stoning of a christian named Stephen and saw a face of an angel. He later was on the road to Damascus when an event happened that rocked his world and ours too. There had to be something of substance that changed a man from the persecutor to the persecuted. So changed, that eventually the very people that he tormented and hunted, loved and accepted him as their leader and teacher.

Isn't God good? He is a life changer/redeemer. He took my college class and brought it to life for me. He added another dimension to the Word as I read it. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. I can hardly wait to take the next semester's class, part II. I am so thankful that I serve a living God who is everywhere and in everything when I just take the time to look for Him.

In Him,