Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Summer Has Run Away With ME!

It is amazing to me that I have let the whole summer fly by and have hardly blogged. My apologies. My life will soon be structured again in order to fit everything in so I should be more dedicated in blogging once more.

I am amazed that God loves me so much that He knows exactly what it takes to get me to do some things! Let me explain...I have always loved to sing and I have always had the desire to play the piano but never took the lessons or stuck to it to accomplish the skill. God knew that it would take me moving to a church with no one to lead worship or play the piano in order for me to learn. It was a crash course by God! I am so thankful (now that I have actually learned to play) that God placed me in that position so that I had to do it! That was one desire of my heart to play the piano...

Another thing that God is working in me right now is a college education. Something that I would have never pursued on my own. He has placed me in a position where it is mandatory for me to go to college and learn. I would have never had the confidence or motivation to do this on my own accord. I have to tell you that I dread going back to class next week but I am thankful for the opportunity. I was out walking the other night and I had to laugh that God loves me so much that He knows what is best for me and sometimes that is arranging my circumstances to "make" me do things that I will appreciate later.

As parents sometimes we have to make our kids do things that aren't fun or pleasant but is good for them. do not ask your child if they would rather go to the dentist or the candy store! They would choose the candy store! You make them go to the dentist...not fun but in the long run better than rotten teeth!

God loves me so much that He arranges for me do things that I wouldn't choose on my own so that I will benefit from them! It is all a part of the plan! The best part is that He loves me. Even when the enemy sets out to mess me up God takes it and turns it out for my good! God is awesome!