Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Leap of Fatih

It is fastly approaching! What is fastly approaching? Our giant leap of faith! Jason and I have prayed for a long time and have felt that we should resign from our pastorate at The Bridge, in Burley, Idaho. Are we moving? No. We feel that Jesus is calling us to a new ministry right here in our town. We are excited but as the final Sunday is quickly approaching reality is setting in. The church we have pastored in for seventeen years will no longer be our home. We went through the pregnancy, labor and delivery of buying a building. We shared joyous moments in that building! Through remodeling, roofing, being blessed by Federal Way Foursquare Church in helping us for two summers in a row with construction! They blessed and encouraged us so very much. I remember the provision that God provided for us over the years in ways we would never imagine. We have loved on many people. Now that chapter is closing. Kind of like when your kids grow up and leave you. You are excited for them but at the same time you cry a bit on the inside.

I am excited for what is to come! I know it is something amazing! God is leading us to new territory. A new ministry, a new building somewhere in the local community. A giant leap of faith from the comfort zone of what we know into the unknown. God is good, He will lead us. I just have to remember that obedience is better than sacrifice and He has equipped us for every good work. He will bless us in our coming and our going.

Stay tuned for exciting developments to come :)