Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meeting Each One for the First Time

I can remember the first time that I met each of my precious children. After only four and half hours of hard labor Amber was born into our lives. When Amber was born she didn't cry but she opened her eyes wide and looked around in the delivery room. The Dr. was surprised because it was so bright because of the lights yet she still was taking it all in. She was so beautiful. We were on cloud nine.

Then there was Jason. He came out so angry! He was mad that someone had interupted his life. Before he was all of the way out he grabbed my hospital gown, pulled himself up and screamed. He was upset and let the world know it:) He too was absolutely gorgeous. Again, we were on cloud nine.

Then there was James. James was upset when he was born but it wasn't an angry upset it was a little pooched out lip upset. He cried and cried. I remember hugging him. He was so sweet. Another big beautiful baby (10 lbs. 2 ounces and 23 1/2 inches long). Three for three. How could life get any better? We were truly blessed.

Then many years later I met my last daughter, Tammy. The first time I saw her I had no idea that she would become my daughter. She was beautiful. She was only about fifteen years old and she had long dark hair. I called her by the wrong name! (she still reminds me of this to this day lol) She was very sweet. We got to be her pastors first. God was so good. He knew that Tammy would be ours one day, even when we had no clue. He had this marvelous plan. To make a long story short, Tammy was grafted into our family. She added three beautiful grand children to our family. Looking back now I see all of the puzzle pieces being put perfectly into place. I think about it now...I got to be with her when she was fitted for her wedding dress, her sister, Amber was her wedding coordinator. We were there for the baby showers and later the hard times too but God was there because He placed us there...together.

Each of my kids were placed into our lives. Each of them were more beautiful than I could ever imagine. Each of them individuals but fit so well, just as God has intended. I am truly blessed. I am married to a wonderful husband, I have four wonderful kids with amazing spouses and last but not least I have the best grandchildren in the world! Thank You Father for all of my kids...if I had only not called Tammy by the wrong name the first time! LOL...oh well, I am not perfect but I am their mother:)

You get what you get and you don't throw a fit! HA Ha!