Monday, June 3, 2013

Evangelism at its Finest

Yesterday at church, we had a visitor. This visitor was about 11 years old. Later on in the afternoon I was told that our little visitor loved church and had told the people who brought him that he wants to start coming to church every Sunday. You have no idea how this excites me!

First of all let me tell you that every visitor excites me regardless of age! What especially thrills me is that my grandson, Gabe, was the one who invited this young man to church. Gabriel had been sharing with this neighbor boy and then invited him to church! Evangelism at its finest. I am so proud of Gabe. I even got more excited as I listened to the details of the story. I am hoping that more people starts sharing like Gabe did these past few weeks. It just goes to show you that anybody, at any age or stature, can share about Jesus! This is just the first of the fruits yet to come.

Just had to share the good news with someone! I am so proud of all of our kids at The Kid's Connection! I am excited to see that our teachings are starting to take shape in our community.

Reach out far, wide and everywhere!